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Deconstructed: NIKE KD16

KD17 is going to be released, with an extremely strong ’90s wavy style. Let’s take a look at the internal structure of the KD16 by deconstructing it.



The shoebox is covered with a gear element pattern.

Stitched upper of breathable mesh fabric and leather. Leather is stitched in the bent area.

There are 6 sets of shoelace holes, which are reinforced with hot melt material.

The stiff TPU on the shoe tongue has ‘35’ and ‘KD’ logo.

The reverse side of vamp adds hot-melting material to improve the strength.

The surface of shoe-pad uses fabric material. And the reverse side is gluing.

The length of EUR42.5 shoe-pad is about 278mm.

The width of EUR42.5 forefoot shoe-pad is about 93.26mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 shoe-pad is about 6.17mm.

Separating the upper and half inner sleeve of right shoe

The integrated half inner sleeve and TPU on both sides of upper

The shoe-tongue is filled with foam and has punching design to improve the air permeability.

The profile shows that the heel counter and the gray heel is filled with foam, and the purple drawing line at the bottom of the heel still maintains the top technical level of the shoe industry. The drawing line is 7 to 9 stitches per inch. The direction is the same and the needle spacing is uniform.

The particular jointed insole fabric

The surface of forefoot shoe-pad has EVA coating. The heelpiece is stitched with a piece of NIKE AIR cushion–Air Strobel.

The insole fabric and EVA layer

The AIR STROBEL cushion on heelpiece is in the shape of a short internal shape, leaving a sewing distance around the pull-up thread, and the traditional midsole fabric of the front palm are connected with two lines, directly in contact with the insole. At the end of 2019, the PG4 and PG5 of the full-length AIR STROBEL cushion were first tried. An additional layer of midsole fabric is added on top of the AIR cushion to ensure the ‘STROBEL’ function of the AIR STROBEL.

PG4 is the first pair of basketball shoes which use full-length AIR STROBEL cushion.

The midsole fabric above the Air Strobel cushion of PG5

The comparison of PG5(L)& PG4(R)midsole structure

The comparison of PG5(L)& PG4(R)AIR STROBEL

The AIR STROBEL on the heel of the 2023 KD16 is fully equipped with the function of the midsole fabric on the sewn upper, saving 2mm thick midsole fabric and a pasted process. After a year of market testing, whether from the perspective of manufacturing process or cost control, or in terms of actual foot feeling and durability, it was a great technological innovation.

The length of EUR42.5 outboard half-sole AIR STROBEL is about 146.45mm.

The length of EUR42.5 inboard half-sole AIR STROBEL is about 129.04mm.

The width of EUR42.5 front end AIR STROBEL is about 60.05mm.

The width of EUR42.5 rear-end AIR STROBEL is about 56.06mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 AIR STROBEL is about 8.05mm.

A flat foam midsole was exposed by the removing the splicing midsole fabric, and the AIR STROBEL cushion does not need to be slotted in the midsole. Rubber and plastic materials are added on both sides of the shoe body to improve the supporting performance.

The rubber and plastic material on both sides of the shoe body is integrated into the upper.

The deconstructed 3pcs of rubber and plastic parts

The length of EUR42.5 outboard rubber and plastic material is about 123.91mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 outboard rubber and plastic material is about 3.47mm.

The length of EUR42.5 inboard rubber and plastic material is about 113.31mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 inboard rubber and plastic material is about 3.14mm.

The length of EUR42.5 midsole rubber and plastic material is about 130.02mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 midsole rubber and plastic material is about 1.65mm.

The hollow-out one-piece XDR durable rubber outsole

Gear element outsole pattern

The width of EUR42.5 forefoot sole is about 114.30mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 forefoot sole is about 4.03mm.

The width of EUR42.5 heelpiece is about 85.40mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 heelpiece is about 4.41mm.

The hollow-out outsole is filled with TPU stabilizing plate. The TPU stabilizing plate also uses gear element pattern.

Taking out the outsole, it exposes a piece of big TPU stabilizing plate which extends from arch position to forefoot sole. It improves the strength of midsole.

The length of EUR42.5 inner side of midsole TPU stabilizing plate is about 187.17mm.

The width of EUR42.5 inner side of midsole TPU stabilizing plate is 94.98mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 inner side of midsole TPU stabilizing plate is 1.63mm.

From the profile, we can see that the TPU stabilizing plate extends from forefoot sole to heelpiece.

The forefoot ZOOM AIR cushion is placed between midsole and TPU stabilizing plate.

Two grooves are added to the ZOOM AIR cushion on the front palm, eliminating the experience of foot wearing brought by the oversized ultra-thick (ultra-8mm) ZOOM AIR cushion placed independently on the front palm, and improving the flexibility of the bending part of the front palm.

The length of EUR42.5 ZOOM AIR cushion centre line is about 79.12mm.

The width of EUR42.5 ZOOM AIR cushion centre line is about 81.99mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 ZOOM AIR cushion is about 10.20mm.

The forefoot sole section from inside to outside is the forefoot bottom fabric with grey EVA coating layer, creamy white foamed bottom layer, ZOOM AIR cushion with two grooves, black TPU plate, and then black rubber outsole.

The thickness of EUR42.5 forefoot sole is about 18.11mm.

The thickest part of arch position is about 25.72mm.

The thickness of heelpiece is about 25.04mm. The drop height is about 6.93mm.

The unit weight of EUR42.5 is about 395.8g.

The profile of NIKE KD16

The deconstructed parts of NIKE KD16

Deconstructed Report

Vamp: The upper is made of big area of leather and ventilated mesh fabric. Both sides of midsole have upturning rubber and plastic material, which guarantee the overall strength. The foam padding of ankle position is comfortable.

Midsole: It uses Air Strobel cushion. The front 10mm embedded ZOOM AIR cushion has excellent resilient feedback, the rear half of the AIR STROBEL cushion is soft, and is covered by a large TPU stability plate extending to the forefoot sole, and the overall transition is smooth.

Overall: NIKE KD16 is a rich configuration of basketball shoes, the fast resilience of the ZOOM AIR cushion in the front and the soft shock of the AIR STROBEL cushion in the back, the large TPU stability plate makes the force conduction from the heel to forefoot is very smooth, suitable for the frontline players who like to move and bounce. The traditional and AIR STROBEL splicing midsole fabric will continue to be used on high-end frontline products.

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Unboxing and Closed Look: Nike Air Zoom G.T. Cut

With the Summer basketball season just around the corner, Nike has officially released its newest basketball shoe Air Zoom G.T. series according to different players’ different request. It uses excellent technology which attracts many shoe fans.

Although Air Zoom G.T. Run and Jump haven’t been released, but Air Zoom G.T. Cut is already popular in the market. The new colorway G.T. Cut is released for the Summer.


Nike Air Zoom G.T.  series are similar to previous basketball shoes series. It has three different types for the players to choose. Except the different configuration, each one has its special logo, the logo of G.T. Cut is two arrows on inverse direction. The whole shoe-box is black and the front side is printed with laser arrow logo.


The vamp of Nike Air Zoom G.T. Cut  is made of big area of mesh with several layers of mesh fabric. The air permeability looks good. The sole is combined with React shoe-pad, full-length Air Zoom Strobel and Air Zoom cushion on rear sole. It uses all of the top-level NIKE cushion technology. The built-on TPU on the heelpiece can fix the ankle and guarantee the stability.

Although it’s a pair of basketball shoes, but Nike Air Zoom G.T. Cut also pay attention on the details. The front part has the symbol >>>, and the shoe-tongue and heelpiece has the GT logo. The stabilizing plate on heelpiece has Swoosh logo. It looks cool. Both of the configuration and appearance of Nike Air Zoom G.T. Cut are great, it’s worthy to purchase.

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The Released Information of Jordan Zion 1

On the competition of Pelicans vs Spurs, Zion Williamson get the 2000 scores on his career. And he became the second person to unlock the achievement in the first 80 games of his career on the past 40 years. The first person is Michael Jordan.

Undoubtedly, Zion Williamson, a rare athletic talent in the history, is becoming an epochal player who change the fan’s perception to the basketball playing way. Zion owns his first pair of signature shoes recently.

Jordan Zion 1

As the first released colorway of Jordan Zion 1, Gen Zion was designed to salute to Zion’s highlight moment.
This pair of Jordan Zion 1 is black and white colorway, the combination of this colorway is just as the conflicting qualities of strength and agility of Zion.

‘The corselet of Super Hero’ is one of the main inspirations of Jordan’s designer. They uses ‘Z’ on the vamp as the symbolic of Zion.

The fitness of shoe tongue is good. The radial type shoe tongue with special stitch and lining offers excellent fitness, and it reduces the pressure of shoelaces to foot. It has good protection and air permeability, and it offer excellent flexibility.

The insole uses full-length Air Strobel cushion and Zoom air cushion on the forefoot sole.
The fixing lace up under vamp with the brand-new insole cushion offers excellent protection and cushion performance to Zion.

The outsole design of Jordan Zion 1
It uses herringbone pattern which has great traction performance. The outsole design is widened. The inspiration comes from the tire of truck. The widened outsole offers better stability.
When Zion owns his first pair of signature shoes, it means that Zion becomes another leader of Joran brand as Westbrook, Anthony, Paul and other excellent basketball players.
It has released 4 different colorways of Jordan Zion 1.

Jordan Zion 1 ZNA colorway not only represents the strength and speed of Zion, but also represents his low key and outstanding ruling power.

ZNA will be released with Gen Zion together.

The inspiration of Zion 1 Noah comes from the affinity of Zion with his little brother Noah. The painting and graffiti elements comes from Noah’s improvised colorful drawing during the design conference of Jordan brand. This colorway will be released on 19th, May.

Zion 1 Marion represents the hometown of Zion, South Carolina. It will be released on 27th, May.

Jordan x Zion Costume series will also be released in the near future. The sports style also fuse the comfort and function.

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Nike KD14 Released Information

NIKE KD13 has been released almost about one year, it’s popular in the market as it has top-level cushion configuration and good cost performance. Many fans are interested in the brand-new released NIKE KD14. Expect the appearance, you must be also interested in the configuration of KD14.

The appearance of NIKE KD14 looks swollen. With the ventilated nylon and the decoration of chamois pattern vamp, there are more possibilities for the colorways. It’s similar to LeBron series shoes.  It’s worthy to mention that the cross strap design of KD2, KD4 and KD7 is reappeared. The cross strap hasn’t been used on KD series shoes for a long time. It’s a surprising part. From the variation of heelpiece, the designer has upgraded it to protect the achilles tendon of Kevin Durant as he used to get hurt. We expect the fitness.

The insole of KD14 uses full-length ZOOM Air cushion. The insole is thick. We look forward to get more news about the insole configuration.

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Unboxing & Closed Look: PUMA FUTURE Z 1.1 MG

PUMA released the brand-new FUTURE Z 1.1 series football shoes in 2021. Today we want to share the PUMA FUTURE Z 1.1 MG with you. It’s suitable for dressing on man-made grassplot.


The red shoe-pad is printed with PUMA logo.

The shoe tag on the side of shoe-box

Shoe head

The shoe head has big area of GRIP CONTROL PRO hot melting film. The friction strip is in the shoes.


The Fuzionfit on the arch part with self-adapting compressing tieback can fix the foot and offer more support.

Shoe Collar

The socks type shoe collar is convenient for putting on and taking off. The flexibility is good.

The padding of heelpiece

The padding of heelpiece uses punching leather. The built-in foam is soft. It can improve the comfort level and skid resistance.


The heelpiece is printed with big PUMA logo, which improves the supporting performance.

The inner side of vamp

The inner side of vamp is printed with FUTURE.


The head of shoelaces is printed with FUTURE. The shoelaces has reflective tap.


The studs have pearly-lustre studs.

The cylinder studs are aligned according to the human sport dynamics. It’s suitable for most of man-made lawn court.


The surface material of grey shoe-pad is NANOGRIP technology. It has good skid resistance.

The side of shoe-pad

The heelpiece of shoe-pad is upwarping.

The reverse side of shoe-pad

The stressing position of forefoot sole and rear sole adds cushioning foam which improves the comfort level.

The yellow cushioning foam on the reverse side of shoe-pad has punching design.

The length of EUR42 shoe-pad is about 270mm.

The width of EUR42 shoe-pad is about 88.95mm.

The thickness of EUR42 shoe-pad is about 4.12mm.


The rear outsole has triangle hollow-out design. The other positions are covered with lint to reduce the overall weight.

The unit weight of EUR42 is about 245.4g.


The vamp technology of PUMA FUTURE Z 1.1 MG is great. The overall weight is light. It can satisfy the request of most players. The size is a little bigger than normal size. The shoe head is soft. The fitness and comfort level is good. The studs are dense. It’s suitable for most of artificial grassland.

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Nike Air Max 97 Platinum Performance Review

Nike Air Max 97 would be released again ,that is amazing , especially under the most classic sneakers of max95, max90 . And if you’re familiar with the sneakers that Miami natives wear, you’d know that the Air Max 97 and Air Max 95 designs are staples. The  series of Air Max 97 have been popular and unique Although there are many versions, but the Nike Air Max 97 Platinum  has been most popular .

We will check it today .

This 20-year-old silhouette, created by Christian Tresser, was influenced by Japanese high-speed is feature with original’s red midfoot and tongue swoosh with a silver swoosh on the midfoot and a black swoosh on the tongue, while retaining the black sockliner, pull tabs, and patches used on the original.

When I was in college, I remember constantly seeing Air Maxes all over the place. Last year when I first saw the “Metallic Gold

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Nike LeBron 16 Performance Review

As the news said LeBron  return to Cleveland to his latest decision to leave Cleveland again. Petrie has witnessed LeBron mature not only as a basketball player, but also as a person.At this stage in LeBron’s career, he’s still pushing the design team to uncharted waters as well. In this current political climate, using sneakers to also make a statement is something Petrie and LeBron are exploring and want to do more of.

So what is performance of LeBron this year ? We will look at and checked it closely.

A game-worn pair of the LeBron 15 “Equality

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adidas Pro Bounce 2018 Performance Review


With names like Donovan Mitchell and Kristaps Porzingis rocking the stripes, adidas should have some solid representation league-wide, and these two new designs with Bounce cushion technology ,that is the most exciting news that the adidas Pro Bounce 2018  released . Of course, where there’s a high cut variation, there’s sure to be a low cut version. So there isn’t any surprise that the Adidas Pro Bounce 2018 Low.

We will check the performance today.


 There isn’t a lot of difference between the two designs other than the fact that the low has a shorter shaft. But there are lots of buyers who still find it difficult to make a choice even with such minimal difference.


The materials are what adidas is calling Forged Mesh. It’s fairly similar to the toe area on the Harden Vol. 2, but the feeling is different.Although they are all the material of mesh,but the performance is different. We can see the sneakers from the forefoot to the instep was the same material,which make the shoe smore durability. The knitted upper is used, which and the heat welded fuse urethane-coated fiber is embedded in the upper, which is the Forgefiber material named by Adidas.

And the most important is  it is not  just more like normal mesh, but there are some areas that are reinforced while other areas are still soft and allow airflow. so the ventilation is amazing .



The heel part section uses a more elastic nylon fiber to provide a more comfortable feeling when in contact with the skin, and because the material’s quick-drying properties also allow the shoe to absorb sweat during exercise. The Pro Bounce 2018 is relatively profile low in terms of the individual design of the shoes. First of all, the white-based design is not  easy too keep clean.






Traction :

The traction not too bad, the friction pattern is excellent for gripping in all directions, especially in the anti-rollover, relying on a few semicircles of the forefoot expansion, the Pro Bounce 2018 can play in the direction of change or some extreme angles which more better of the traction.

The Pro Bounce 2018 Low Basketball Shoe from Adidas seems like a really promising pick. I’d imagine the shoe would make a great choice for high-flying players like point guards.


A huge TPU anti-twist  from the midsole of the shoe help a lot. It can be seen that these shoes are very stable. After all, Adidas has been very fond of anti-torsion function, like the model of Harden or the crazy explosive, including Pro Bounce have adopted a large TPU setting. And in the position of the arch, Pro Bounce’s TPU is more solid, and the actual performance is good.



For fitting :

The size of EUR 44 ‘s weighs about 420g, and the weight of the upper foot is still a bit obvious. Plus the fabric of the shoe itself is not breathable, and the long-term movement of the shoes gives people a feeling of hot.



Supporting ;

Support might not great. Plus, it’s hard to tell if the small reinforced section above the heel cup will be enough to provide sufficient stability to reduce lateral movement of the heel. When it comes to responsiveness though, there really isn’t any difference.



Cushioing :

The adidas Pro Bounce features full-length Bounce cushioning, as its name suggests. Bounce, for those that have yet to try it, is very comfortable.  I think it is more like the Adidas Rose 9 .if you bought it before, maybe you will feeling a lot. If your past experience with adidas basketball products only includes its previous EVA and adiPrene setups then you’re missing out.


Overall , This  shoes amazing ,Fused Mesh Knit upper may not be as good as Primeknit, but the ventilation is nice ,the bounce always the best great , I like the feeling of responsive of the  cushioning.



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Nike Air Force 1 Jester , Is It Broken ?

I guess that everyone must know Air Force 1, and maybe you have one this kind of shoes in your closet. Yes,Air Force 1 have been released 35 years so far.In addition, the Nike  made a special plan to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the of Air Force 1, which made the shoes with clear and trendy attributes once again ,also Air Force 1 has been most popular since anniversary  than.In order to commemorate the Nike brand  “Just Do It”, no matter which color for this series Air Force 1 Low, once again ignited everyone’s desire for Air Force 1. However, when we are browsing the Air Force 1 , we also find a maverick existence ,the special one .Please check as below :



Yes ,this Air Force seems not complete , or it just like wrong products , because of the classic Swoosh Logo is not in the right  position which in the traditional shoes, but is sewn between the upper and the midsole, which is quite eye-catching in many shoes. But just when everyone hasn’t attention for this designer, this kind of shoes has not only launched a number of different colors, but also gradually appeared on the feet of many people, and let more people feel the charm of this unique design.


We can see the shoes clearly for this design, moving  the traditional Swoosh Logo down, use a double-layer shoe block on the heel and sew the brand label design, officially the current popular deconstruction design concept, so this is a pair of classic products based on the popular The new single product produced by the design method, but also specifically for women, can be said to have have new styles and design compare with last model.

It is show the Deconstruction. This is not a new vocabulary, but the real origin and the 1960s, proposed by the French philosopher Jacques Derrid. Yes,  your are right, the earliest used for text analysis. The core of deconstruction is that we see a structured text structure. In fact, there is no center, so there is no immutable meaning. Since this idea is a critical inheritance of orthodox principles and standards, that is, the reversal and reconstruction of traditions, thus creating new meanings, so soon this concept of breaking the conventional re-style is popular, and the fashion industry It was also quickly absorbed into this concept.


Deconstruction is designed to reorganize objects by using distortions, splits, etc., so as to highlight the design elements and give more content to the work. But this concept can be widely used and popular in today’s sneaker field, thanks to Virgil Abloh, who has been mentioned many times, and his collaboration with Nike. The “The Ten” series of shoes, which was released last year, uses deconstruction concepts, with unique cuts, exaggerated stitching lines, orange plaques and anti-adhesive plastic straps, all of element make the people felt more refreshing

None of those previous iterations were quite like these two wild versions, with one adding a marbled outsole underneath a blue and orange midsole as well as a creamy Light Bone tumbled leather upper. It is accompanied by an upcoming color scheme that utilizers that same marbled outsole

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Jordan Ultra Fly3 Performance Review

Jordan Brand’s actual shoes Ultra.Fly series is about to launch the third version of Ultra.Fly .there is something to be said for the aesthetic appeal of its models. Continuing its Ultra Fly line is the Ultra Fly 3 sneaker that clearly takes inspiration from early 2000 numbered Jordan Brand models.

So what is the performance of this shoe ? We will check it today.


Jordan Ultra Fly3  with  a blue and white color scheme, the Jumpman will also be releasing a white/red variety alongside it. While the sneaker clearly draws on the past, it still remains modern and unique, as features an attention-grabbing