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The Released Information of Jordan Zion 1

On the competition of Pelicans vs Spurs, Zion Williamson get the 2000 scores on his career. And he became the second person to unlock the achievement in the first 80 games of his career on the past 40 years. The first person is Michael Jordan.

Undoubtedly, Zion Williamson, a rare athletic talent in the history, is becoming an epochal player who change the fan’s perception to the basketball playing way. Zion owns his first pair of signature shoes recently.

Jordan Zion 1

As the first released colorway of Jordan Zion 1, Gen Zion was designed to salute to Zion’s highlight moment.
This pair of Jordan Zion 1 is black and white colorway, the combination of this colorway is just as the conflicting qualities of strength and agility of Zion.

‘The corselet of Super Hero’ is one of the main inspirations of Jordan’s designer. They uses ‘Z’ on the vamp as the symbolic of Zion.

The fitness of shoe tongue is good. The radial type shoe tongue with special stitch and lining offers excellent fitness, and it reduces the pressure of shoelaces to foot. It has good protection and air permeability, and it offer excellent flexibility.

The insole uses full-length Air Strobel cushion and Zoom air cushion on the forefoot sole.
The fixing lace up under vamp with the brand-new insole cushion offers excellent protection and cushion performance to Zion.

The outsole design of Jordan Zion 1
It uses herringbone pattern which has great traction performance. The outsole design is widened. The inspiration comes from the tire of truck. The widened outsole offers better stability.
When Zion owns his first pair of signature shoes, it means that Zion becomes another leader of Joran brand as Westbrook, Anthony, Paul and other excellent basketball players.
It has released 4 different colorways of Jordan Zion 1.

Jordan Zion 1 ZNA colorway not only represents the strength and speed of Zion, but also represents his low key and outstanding ruling power.

ZNA will be released with Gen Zion together.

The inspiration of Zion 1 Noah comes from the affinity of Zion with his little brother Noah. The painting and graffiti elements comes from Noah’s improvised colorful drawing during the design conference of Jordan brand. This colorway will be released on 19th, May.

Zion 1 Marion represents the hometown of Zion, South Carolina. It will be released on 27th, May.

Jordan x Zion Costume series will also be released in the near future. The sports style also fuse the comfort and function.

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