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Unboxing & Closed Look: PUMA FUTURE Z 1.1 MG

PUMA released the brand-new FUTURE Z 1.1 series football shoes in 2021. Today we want to share the PUMA FUTURE Z 1.1 MG with you. It’s suitable for dressing on man-made grassplot.


The red shoe-pad is printed with PUMA logo.

The shoe tag on the side of shoe-box

Shoe head

The shoe head has big area of GRIP CONTROL PRO hot melting film. The friction strip is in the shoes.


The Fuzionfit on the arch part with self-adapting compressing tieback can fix the foot and offer more support.

Shoe Collar

The socks type shoe collar is convenient for putting on and taking off. The flexibility is good.

The padding of heelpiece

The padding of heelpiece uses punching leather. The built-in foam is soft. It can improve the comfort level and skid resistance.


The heelpiece is printed with big PUMA logo, which improves the supporting performance.

The inner side of vamp

The inner side of vamp is printed with FUTURE.


The head of shoelaces is printed with FUTURE. The shoelaces has reflective tap.


The studs have pearly-lustre studs.

The cylinder studs are aligned according to the human sport dynamics. It’s suitable for most of man-made lawn court.


The surface material of grey shoe-pad is NANOGRIP technology. It has good skid resistance.

The side of shoe-pad

The heelpiece of shoe-pad is upwarping.

The reverse side of shoe-pad

The stressing position of forefoot sole and rear sole adds cushioning foam which improves the comfort level.

The yellow cushioning foam on the reverse side of shoe-pad has punching design.

The length of EUR42 shoe-pad is about 270mm.

The width of EUR42 shoe-pad is about 88.95mm.

The thickness of EUR42 shoe-pad is about 4.12mm.


The rear outsole has triangle hollow-out design. The other positions are covered with lint to reduce the overall weight.

The unit weight of EUR42 is about 245.4g.


The vamp technology of PUMA FUTURE Z 1.1 MG is great. The overall weight is light. It can satisfy the request of most players. The size is a little bigger than normal size. The shoe head is soft. The fitness and comfort level is good. The studs are dense. It’s suitable for most of artificial grassland.

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