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Nike KD14 Released Information

NIKE KD13 has been released almost about one year, it’s popular in the market as it has top-level cushion configuration and good cost performance. Many fans are interested in the brand-new released NIKE KD14. Expect the appearance, you must be also interested in the configuration of KD14.

The appearance of NIKE KD14 looks swollen. With the ventilated nylon and the decoration of chamois pattern vamp, there are more possibilities for the colorways. It’s similar to LeBron series shoes.  It’s worthy to mention that the cross strap design of KD2, KD4 and KD7 is reappeared. The cross strap hasn’t been used on KD series shoes for a long time. It’s a surprising part. From the variation of heelpiece, the designer has upgraded it to protect the achilles tendon of Kevin Durant as he used to get hurt. We expect the fitness.

The insole of KD14 uses full-length ZOOM Air cushion. The insole is thick. We look forward to get more news about the insole configuration.