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adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 Performance Review

With all of the success that Boost has brought adidas Running and adidas Originals, the brand’s basketball imprint is still leagues behind the juggernaut that is Nike Basketball. How times have changed, the boost has been not change a lot since the adidas Crazy Explosive 2016 released.

But now we will checked it as below :

As the best cushioing and comfort material, Crazy Explosive has been popular ,especially in the 2016 ,, because of released by Crazy Explosive Low, it has been more choice for a lot of player.

And today we are going to see the latest Crazy Explosive 2017 Primeknit.


It’s not too hard to see why with the Swoosh’s signature athletes ranging from LeBron, KD, Kyrie, and Paul George. But that might all change soon thanks to the upcoming adidas Crazy Explosive 17, a shoe that we’re excited to see both on and off the court thanks to a sleek woven Primeknit upper which more comfortable and stability.

As you can see, all of TPU waves surround that reinforce the whole Primeknit bootie without compromising comfort and sctrechibility by a lot.

Though the material of Primeknit support , but there are a lot of foam the inside of  which more comfortable and providing.And the form will be surround the heel parts  will more protection even without the TPU .So you will feel more comfortable because of the foam inside.

Compare with the Crazy Explosive 2016, the Crazy Explosive 2017 will be more stiff, because of a lot of player said the upper of 2016 will be soft,so in order to make the shoes balance ,the 2017  now a tad bit stiffer because of this TPU yarn, but I didn‘t notice any big of a deal. It still keeps the comfort level & stretchiness on a highest level by adding much needed support.

The biggest update to the new version is the one-piece sock-like collar in favor of the more traditional tongue design of last year’s model.But the lockdown will be great for this design as usually.



For the supporting : At first glance ,the sock design just there for proprioception only but only the very top of the collar is sock like so you do get a touch of support if you call padding support.  And there is a TPU supporting of heel.

Here is the gif picture that I tested .I felt Crazy Explosive 2017  is comparable and stability than Rose 7, but the protection of the ankle will be less due to the upper material of the shoe.

For the cushioning:The thickest BOOST midsole offers unbelievable amount of bounciness for that pillow like ride.I felt the cushioning of the shoes is very responsive, and the heel part are more protection and  soft.So even you playing fast , you have been not felt hurt .

BOOST cushioning is covered with rubbery cage to improve stability and receive direct energy straight to your foot. While the inner side of the BOOST midsole is completely open to receive that full potential of the BOOST power.

For the traction, it is used a great rubber but not easy to keep clean.

The same design  “8-word TPU support plate” as the previous version was followed, which is excellent in anti-torsion and ensuring that Boost provide supporting. The Crazy Explosive 2017 PK also adds an additional TPU support module on the outside to increase the side stability.

Again, there is a gif picture as below :


The Crazy Explosive 2017 fits exactly the same as the last year’s model. They look quite wide and bulky, but actually it is a true size. you can buy the  normal size that you bought before.

Overall, Super responsive BOOST cushion,great traction, solid foot containment will let you to do anything on court with confidence and efficiency.

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adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 PK Performance Review

Crazy explosive 2017 pk is  the most top team shoes of Adidas , it said that the season’s top basketball shoes is not an exaggeration,The original adidas Crazy Explosive turned heads for looking more like a wrestling boot than a basketball silhouette fit for the rigors of the NBA when it was first leaked a year or so ago. How times have the adidas Crazy Explosive 17 features Forged Primeknit technology for the first time ever. It’s created from a single piece designed with particular key target areas reinforced for more stability, creating a dynamic, lightweight comfort like no other.

For the material : A sock-like ankle makes this pair easier than ever to slip into while full-length Boost .I was shock about  its cool socks design, it changed the shape of the previous generation of hiking shoes.Then I was  concern that it would not be very great for supportive. After all. Look at the ancestor hyperdunk 2016 fk. Although there is a feeling of a boost , the weak support is indeed  by people .But when I was playing a game, my concerns disappeared, Crazy Explosive 2017 PK’s  stability was really good.Compared with the previous generation, it was more anti-rollover, and the TPU extended to the side, which the  function is almost, this is when you change direction to be very cool.

Compared with the previous generation, the changes to the uppers of these shoes were progressive, which used the Forged Primeknit technology, enhanced the supportability and wraparound, and the uppers did not have much deformation when they changed direction. But because of this change, the comfort of the upper has been decreased. After all, the previous generation’s upper is really comfortable . This should be the most comfortable upper for me.  Crazy Explosive 2017 PK is particularly hard, I feel that my toe will be more pressure .  But everything was for the game , the performance is nice , this one can get so many points is great. I hope ce 2018 can also enhance the comfort of the forefoot upper while maintaining supportability.


For the cushioning : In fact, there is nothing to say about cushioning. The sole is almost the same as the previous generation. It was changed for the shoe cage. The cushioning of boost really amazing , it was still awesome for the Adidas tech . I have done a test with take a full-shoulder lunar sneakers,and the  Crazy Explosive 2017 PK , jumped downed the ground should be 20 to 30 centimeters, then  I feel a directly  feeling with the back of bouncet,Crazy Explosive 2017 PK can be felt a strong sense of shock, so if you like the feeling of bounce ,maybe that is the best choice for you.

Crazy Explosive 2017 PK  will be great for the court feeling , compare with the  kd10,lbj15. Of course, I’m not saying that the foot feels bad, and Crazy Explosive 2017 PK  is one of the best 4 pairs of boosts I’ve experienced for recent year. At present, all of Adidas shoes are  very soft.But like Rose 7, crazylight 2016 as will be more harder ,  that is for the quickly for start,and I like these  4 pairs of boost, crazylight  2016, crazylight  2017, crazylight low Rose 8, the forefoot is doing very well , With the boost feeling and more bounce ,  unlike the kd9 kind of one foot in the end of the bomb. The most important point is that this does not affect the launch. I think this is a great thing. I have found a balance point, not an extreme soft, but I can give him moderate feedback.

For the traction,the traction just so so,Of course, if you really want to play in outside, but you still want to  experience the feeling of  boost, I would recommend Rose 8, although the material just so so,  all aspects are very excellent, because of the Boost is just as good as Crazy Explosive 2017 PK . I don’t feel the problem with the card surface. The most important thing is the traction will be worn a lot . Or Crazy Explosive 2017 PK  is also a good choice

but it will be more worn out because of the material , if you often played out side , it will be more worn soon. On the dirty hardwood courts, the traction was cutting through the dust like a hot knife to a stick of butter! I was out there wood grain grippin