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Air Jordan 3 ‘Black Cement’ Performance Review

Air Jordan 3 is Michael Jordan’s third signature basketball shoe. It released in 1988 in four colorways of white, black, red, and blue. The Air Jordan 3 Black Cement  has  been popular in the  . It is among the 50 classic shoes last year . Although NIKE released these shoes  limited at the end of last year, . The quantity of AJ3 black cement actually gave the shoe fans a huge surprise. The original price can be bought and already satisfying.Also the price will be slightly lower  sometimes. As an old shoe fan, I naturally cannot afford to miss it.

For the box , The shoe box is an iconic jordan LOGO, although nothing special, but it is still a continuation of the classic, quite satisfactory.

The side is more able to highlight the characteristics of black cement which  same pattern as the shoes side pattern

For the material: The lychee upper on the toe cap feels good, and the JUMP MAN LOGO on the tongue is very eye-catching. The front of the tongue is covered with air holes, which can be regarded as an improvement on the breathability of the thick tongue.material itself was actually pretty good and I had no real issues with it.



For the supporting .,

For the ventilation:there are perforations, they don’t puncture through the material completely so they are more for looks rather than serve a purpose.

For the cushioning : The polyurethane midsoles  used again  which are far too dense for me and even with an insole swap that I feel it is nice . There is some compression when I fist wear.  Overall the cushioning is nice  , I have not nay complaint.

For the traction: The traction  seems followed the Air Jordan II, the performed well no matter what you were doing.  And the grip is nice, we can feel the great court feeling .But for the player who more weight   , maybe it is not good for them . Maybe they can’t feel more supporting for this one .

Overall , the air jordan3  is perfect shoes as usually .The completing the clean look is a White midsole and outsole. and the supporting is nice .

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Air Jordan 3 Black Cement: Comparison 1994 vs. 2001 vs. 2008 vs. 2011 vs. 2018

The Air Jordan 3 is Michael Jordan’s third signature basketball shoe. And it has been popular in recently year .It released in 1988 in four colorways of white, black, red, and blue. It was the first Air Jordan to feature visible Air, elephant print, and the Jumpman logo

But there are different series , the version of 1994. 2001,2008,2011and 2018

So today we are talking about it .

For the material , they are the same  , the same upper matter and the same shape design and colorway The leather upper is decent enough  and  durability, if  you are looking for the nice leather, it will be good choice .Flexibility of the material itself was actually pretty good and I had no real issues with it.For the colorway ,it is also nice and fit all kinds of style.

For the shape of shoes ,the version of 1998 ,2001 are the same as version 1994. but from the version of 2008 , it is has a little difference  , the shape of shoes will be a little radian,we can see the picture .so if you mind the shape of shoes ,you can choose different version.



For the fitting , they are the same ,if you are wider footer , you can buy more half size , that is will be better . The areas covered with eyelets were great.When moving at a rapid pace and quickly changing direction, but the forefoot  just work it , it was unable to handle the torque applied to the materials .It is a slight drawback as you could feel your forefoot slip a bit when enough pressure is used.

For the traction , all of version are use the same pattern of rubber traction , texture is abundant throughout and the giant pivot point did not hinder their performance at all. if we have to say there is different , it must be  the logo ” NIKE ” was used the version 1994 and 2001 , and the version of  2008 and 2011 just used 2011.but the version of 2018 , it is still used the logo ” NIKE “, but the color will be more light then the version of 1994 .so if you like the old version of shoes ,maybe it will the best choice .

For the supporting ,all of version are great , it performance well , so the newest version of 2018 is nice too. The arch is sculpted providing you with a better fit and support while flexing the foot. but  rubber heel cup worked, seems it followed the Air Jordan II.  if   you are looking the nice supporting , maybe it is a good choice . some part of supporting is from the material .the fit from the midfoot to heel was substantial enough to where this didn’t hinder performance too much as a whole.but there are a little difference of logo too. the version of 1994 and the version of 2001, they used the AIR logo , but for the version 2008 and 2011, it is used the JUMPAMN  LOGO ,But the version of 2018 ,it is return to the lod version of 1994. so which version will be your choice ?



For the logo of tongue , the same jumpman logo , but if you look them seriously , you will find the logo have a little difference , I meant the jumpman , their arms  are different. but if you dont mind , just escaped .it is nothing  important , it is just a logo .

For the cushioning  : they are almost the same , the performance is the same , it is nice !!The polyurethane midsoles are far too dense for me and even with an insole swap I was only partially pain-free until a certain point. they work is great. but they are some compression.  If you are young, you won’t have much of an issue but for some of us older players,but for older players who can still run quickly, maybe they need to be able to absorb as much impact as possible so our bodies can endure on-court play.

For toe design , though they are the same , but there is a little difference , you can check from the details as the picture , but for someone, maybe they are not the different. because it is not important .

  There are the details of the tag ,they use the same material ,but the version of 1994 are the same 2001, they are use the AIR  logo. and the 2008 version used the jumpman logo ,but it different the version  of 2011 and 2018 .I have to say it is not important .

For the Ventilation , they are the same nice , While there are perforations, they don’t puncture through the material completely so they are more for looks rather than serve a purpose. This caused the material to soften up while playing  which  trapping heat and moisture inside , ventilation wasn’t as popular back in this era so it’s to be expected.

For the details of inside ,the details showing is the same, but the font is different . the version of 1994 was different .it is seems stitching ,then from the version of 2001, it is just used thermal proceed . so it show the development of nike  for 24 years

The version of 1994   using a similar fine felt lining material,
We can feel a sense of touch, and the filling of thin lining.For the  2001
version with a liner made of cotton knitted material, it  feels very soft, and the filling of the lining is thicker. The version of 2008  followed  a similar material with 2oo1.Then the version of 2011 and 2018 have not a big difference .Cotton knitted material, it  is very soft, we can feel more smooth.

The version of 1994 shoe’s box is known as the most beautiful AlR JORDAN in history.The separation of the upper and lower openings in the form, with the time of the launch of the box.
All AIR JORDAN shoes picture and Jordan’s classic advertisement photo.The central JORDAN WINGS Logo is the primary. 2001version is normal ,it is  a  silver gray Jordan shoe box . The version of 2008 used a combination of CDP suits.The version of  2011 and 2018, in order to reshow the year’s setting,it  used a black box cover and burst with  style of separating boxes .  

The version of 1994 had a carve card with a front pattern and a shoe box
The cover is the same, and  the big picture of AIRJORDAN 3 with black
The reversion of the 2001  is also accompanied by a duplicate card that The front is the 1988 all star Jordan free throw and a simple introduction to the shoes and AJ3. There is no incidental CDP suit in 2008
the version of  2011 reprint version is the first year of reference
Style, with a foldable specification that introduces the AIR JORDAN 3 configuration.
In 2018, just had a square plastic hanging card .