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Nike Sock Dart Performance Review

Dubbed one of Nike’s most comfortable sneakers the Sock Dart is the perfect fashionable slip on and go sneaker.While it may seem that winter is just starting for some palces, summer is just around the corner,So the Sock Dart  has been a highlight in the sneaker market ,there are  seem overwhelmed with the amount of footwear choices on the market. This is especially common in the summer months. The Sock Dart has been overlooked for years.

The Nike Sock Dart was released in 2004, has always been overlooked by other Nike models such as the free run line. In addition, the Sock Dart is one of the most comfortable Nike silhouettes.Not only have we seen the early 2000s running silhouette updated by some head-turning Safari Print options, but Nike is also transforming the once profound performance runner into a more lifestyle-friendly offering by introducing the Nike Sock Dart BR Monochrome Pack, available right now in 4 colorways. I just got the black one .

For the box ,it is normal shoe box without any special .



The overall work of the shoes is very good. The design of  shoes is nice ,  Whether it is clothes matching with black and white color schemes or daily pressure, or if you want to running , this is a amazing shoes . The important point is that there is no color difference in the shoes.

For me ,I  really like the material that we can take performance materials and blend them with materials no one has ever seen before to create some new excitement. That’s how the feathered leather on the forefoot came about. We also used high-tech stretch elephant print on the midfoot strap and spacer mesh around the collar.

Due to the full Fly knit upper, and no lacing system,the shoes is comfortable ,some users may even argue that the comfort of the Sock Dart is as good, or even better than some Adidas Boost Models.But for me , that is enough , it is a comfortable shoes , also if you running well, it is a good shoes .

The nike swoosh and black white color , it is a match color for any cloths .In addition to the lack of laces, the insole used is non removable. While some buyers may argue that a removable insole is better suitable, many others prefer nonrecoverable insoles. This feature keeps the wearers insole from sliding when doing physical activities.


There are the  details inside.  the full length cushioning design also nice .

For the ventilation , maybe the mesh fklyknit material, the ventilation is amazing , we can feel the air through the shoes , but maybe the soft shoes material , so the toe part will be easy to sink.So the design of the rubber strap will be improved the issue.  The strap system offers the user comfort, it can be a pain for others. Most consumers complain that the strap system is to complicated to put together. This is due the tiny holes used to secure the band.

For the supporting ,  a foam heel used in . The exposed foam heel gives wearers support without weighing down the shoe.


Overall ,it is  used the nice material ,the Flyknit used on the Sock Dart is very thin and extremely pliable.  This gives the wearer an very free and open feel while wearing the Sock Dart, then the color match also  amazing, the ventilation is great ,it is a good shoes for summer.