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Nike Paul George PG2 Performance Review

The PG2 arrives sans strap,I feel like it was a simply shoes when the first look , because of the shoes is simply look like  a simply team shoes ,but not the style of Paul George.

Especial for during the ALL Stars , it is so simply look,just not like others shoes that released during this it is surprised me that what kind of “SPECIAL”.

There are some sneakers , can you feel it ?

However when I playing it some days , it is amazing .

Here we are see the details as below :


For the material : it is also used the mesh material with suede ic comfortable.

Suede material distribution in the toe  and heel back , the suede can be  protect our fingers, while the suede in shoes around can enhance the overall  support and stability for the shoes 

The large area of mesh fabrics is also the main reason for  comfortable . The breathability of the mesh fabric is not bad, so it comfortable in the hot and moist whether. After all, I like this shoes very much.The forefoot is free feeling with the open mesh and it’s protected by a layer of fuse in the high wear that is the part that I like . This is great for players that stay on their toes and do not enjoy breaking in shoes. 

For the cushioning :PG2 followed the Zoom Air is what is offered in the PG1, that is great.This setup is for PG2 that want a more responsive ride for greater reaction speed. for the cushioning is  a little soft. You won’t sink into the cushion and you won’t feel it bounce back as you would if it were directly underfoot, but if you like the harder cushioning , maybe it is not cup of your tea for this one. For me, it gets the job done for the most part. 

For the lace system, it is also nice and amazing , the new lacy system can lockdown the feet well,also it is easy to adjust.

We can see the details as below : 


For the supporting, it is followed the PG1, the the shoe’s midsole sculpting that is doing most of the heavy lifting. This midsole cups your foot and it’s something I feel is very beneficial for players. it is a foolproof method that you feet and feetbad are on in one. If you try the PG 1,PG2 is similar with the Pg1, it is great for me .

For the traction :The Nike PG1 features an interesting pattern that will serve you well on-court. But the PG 2 also did the job weel such as followed the the version of the shoe features translucent rubber, and while it’s better than what Nike Basketball has put out in the past, It’s mostly to showcase the technology within the shoe for the Nike. If you are positive that the solid rubber options will far exceed this version on-court. Maybe it is not  you choice for this one.

There are the details :

Overall, though it is a simply look, but the performance is nice.Nike’s PG1 is a perfect blend of new and old.  But the PG2 is nice too.