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Nike Air Max Dominate Performance Review

In the 1980s and 1990s, the Air Max air with cushion was used as the mainstream of the sneaker world. The huge Air Max air cushion also became a feature of many interior shoe models at that time, and it also accompany a lot of players for long time. However, since the created of the zoom air cushion, the huge and heavy Air Max air cushion has become a accessories on the shoes, which is often the existence of “tangible”

But now, the Air Max has been played in the court.This time, near the Air Max Day, what we bring for you is Davis and Cousins’s shoes, Nike Air Max Dominate.

The configuration of shoes is simple. On the upper, the Air Max Dominate uses a large mesh covering the entire shoes and adds extra colloidal/cortical modules to the inner toe part and the heel-stabilizing part, which increases the sense of design and also adds supporting. At the same time, the sneakers adopt the design of full-length boots, but they are not integrated, that is maybe was not good for some wilder footer

For the midsole,Sneakers use a Phylon with a thickness, denser profile and an Air Max air cushion. The midsloe uses a more traditional one-way ripple + concentric design at the iliac crest, reminiscent of many classic shoes with the same lines.

In addition to the above description, the nylon shoe lifting ring of the shoes and the heel pattern of the mid-bottom Phylon give a lot of points tofor the design .So what exactly does the pair of shoes look like inside?


Nike Air Max Dominate’s biggest advantage is – full length used . We mentioned earlier that the PG2’s lacing system is unscientific because the lacing is too low and there is not much difference between the full length and the fore-sole. The Air Max Dominate is not the same. The high-top shoe type design and the upper shoelace hole make it easy to adjust the tightness of the sneakers. At the same time, after fastening the shoelace, it has the same wrapping as the one-piece shoe body. To be honest, it is very satisfying.

Of course, some sweaty friends will surely ask, “Would the thickness will be  stuffy?” Because of the openings cut on both sides of the Air Max Dominate boots, as well as midsole of materials thin  the ventilation of the shoes is also very good. You can even see the approximate color of the mid-length socks around the , which proves that the shoes have good air permeability (of course, if you wear the elite  to play in the summer, then certainly no air permeability).


The heel stability of the shoes naturally goes well . Under  the inner boots and the heel with an extra module (external colloid + cortex + inner embraced TPU),it is nice . The firm locking of the heel and the stability of the ankle become the maximum advantage of the shoes. At the same time, the harder midsole material combined with the large density of the lower back of the palm ensures the midsole stability of the shoes, and the resistance of the shoes is also excellent. Although the foresole of the sneakers is slightly disadvantaged which the combination of the heel and the stable midsole support will promote the protection of the sneakers ,so the price is higher .
If you don’t care about cushioning but are very focused on parcels and protection, Nike Air Max Dominate may be one of the best choices for this price.

In fact,  Some signature shoes have a stronger sense of design and tend to make  more complicated bottom type .Although more complex lines can enhance the grip of shoes, but to be honest, compared to the traditional “one-way corrugated” line, it is somewhat “flashy”, and wear-resistance has become a risk factor, and some have lost their weight. feel


For the traction, it is nice .there are more pictures as below :


Although Air Max is indeed a “cushioning technology,