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Air Force 1 Deconstruct Report

Air Force 1 is pretty straightforward, and it’s a product of its time; it uses an independent tongue design, a thick insole for some step-in comfort, and a cupped outsole that is similar to what brands like Converse use, this shoes has been popular since it released .

So today we will check it.

The picture from fastpass.

It was in 1982 that Nike designer Bruce Kilgore dialed up his creative mojo and developed one of the most iconic products in the history of fashion has gone a long way, and is now being currently considered as one of the most favored product line of Nike.   It’s world renowned fame is so focused off the court that its origins as a high performance basketball shoe is hardly known by the vast population who wear them daily.

For the material It is made with leather and textile upper, a combination that is known not only for being able to offer a high level of durability, but also a sense of style.

For the cushioning : we can see the Cushion part clearly from the deconstruct picture .it is comfortbale , but some one said the cushion for men shoe is not good , just feeling a little brick on-foot. But for someone, the Nike Air Force 1  is exceptional with high quality comfort and cushioning, as it is about cultural style and substance.  for me , I like it very much ,while there are low-top, mid-top, and high-top versions, I am personally a fan of the lows because like I said in the beginning, there’s just something about a new clean pair of all-white AF1’s that always devour my senses.


Grey insole, heel retro SWOOSH LOGO.

The back of the midsole is printed with: QA-7 AFC1 LOW M’S


The position of the forefoot of the midsole can be seen faintly in the built-in NIKE AIR cushion pattern.

US 9/42.5 midsole approximately 290 mm

US 9/42.5 midfoot forefoot width about  98.49 mm.

US 9/42.5 midfoot forefoot thickness of about 8.77 mm

US 9/42.5 midfoot sole width  about 74.78 mm

US 9/42.5 midfoot heel thickness about 16.76 mm

Built-in NIKE AIR Cushion Length of the size US 9/42.5  ,there is the data.

The midsole + outsole thickness of about 27.18 mm, the front and rear drop is about 12.98 mm

Another thing that is worth noting about this shoe is the addition of pivot points that are placed on the heel and the forefoot. This offers the benefit of being able to enjoy smooth transitioning, regardless of the direction where you will move.

Most people make a first impression about you from the kind of shoes you are wearing and by most I mean women. She can tell if you are concerned about your appearance or not and also how much you are worth and the kind of gifts that you are able to give her.

While many say that the Air Force 1 can feel like a brick on-foot, the shoe does feature 3/4 length Air cushioning