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Jordan CP3 11 Deconstructed Report

There is no longer launches shoes of  Carmelo Anthony  in this season.So a lot of people worry about  Chris Paul, who has been not released new shoes for a year. Fortunately, Jordan Brand finally launched CP3.XI at the end of the season.

Compare with 10 ,the 11 have a new look and improved a lot ,today we will  check from the details


2015 marks Chris Paul’s tenth anniversary with Jordan Brand (which explains the recent releases of some of his P.E. retros), and in that time he’s not only managed to remain one of the elite point guards of the NBA, but he’s also reached the ninth iteration of his CP signature sneaker. Only Carmelo Anthony has more from the active roster of players under contract to Jordan Brand.

Here are more pictures from fastpass.

We can see the constructed of the this picture .It is feature with all White across the uppers. The highlight of this design is the Black and Red strap across the sneaker, which contrasts the rest.

For the material : it is used the mesh with nylon material ,  I feel that it is a little stiff. Compare with the last version , this upper already improved .

I played 10 before , I felt 10 will be still than 11. seems a little like  a plastic material .But this time , CP3 11 is will be better , maybe Chris Paul also felt the 10 ‘s  more stiff.His sneaker requires minimal break-in time. This is true with the IX. Backed by a foam/textile mesh upper the shoe is supportive, without being restrictive. It’s not too stiff, and after a couple of hours of playing in them the shoe really does shape itself to your foot.

So if you don’t the material of 10, you can chose this one.

The most eye-watching is the strap .The large area design of the strap and the inelastic materials have double effects, resulting in the strap not being able to closely follow the upper, and there will be no small gaps in the position close to the tongue region, because the adhesive tape will only strengthen the outer side . The supporting seems just so so.

We can see details  of the inside , it is soft and durability.It’s a breathable mesh over a light structural foam, so ventilation is there.

Rib-like shoelace pull ring improves shoe body wrapping.

The straps are placed between the midsole and the outer sole, and the rubber and plastic materials of the straps are tightly integrated with the outsole to prevent shedding.


The rubber and plastic material connected to the outsole, it  is approximately 1.49 mm thickness.

The rubber and plastic material connected to the outer which  is very soft , I guess it can be bent with a little force.

The thickness of rubber and plastic material  approximately 2.77 mm

But the the rubber and plastic materials are quite stiff and they are not easily bent.

Cut the straps off, then  there is a midsole about 4.5 mm thickness between the straps and the cushions. The two are only slightly overlapping and do not have direct contact.

we can see the position of cushioning and strap from this picture :

Texas State Flag Matching Insole .

Texas state flag Matching Insole

The middle fabric surface material is EVA which soft and nice .

We can see the ZOOM AIR cushioning  with the TPU plate supporting .

The length of cushioning of  50.76 mm for the size US 9/42.5

The with of cushioning of  78.73 mm for the size US 9/42.5

Then we can see the data of cushioning as the picture

TPU support plate about 71.80 mm long  for the size US 9/42.5

Then thickness of TPU support plate about 2.86 mm

For the cushioning : Zoom Air unit in the forefoot is amazing ,There is no cushioning in the heel. maybe someone don’t like it without the cushioning , but for me ,  I found that it just wasn’t as responsive as the other models. Personally, I need that bounce. For those of you that are mid-foot strikers, then this will serve just fine. It’s just that it’s missing that shock absorption.

For the traction : it’s fantastic. It’s a multi-directional herringbone pattern and it grips better to the floor than the Melo M11 or  cp3 10 which had been my previous favorite. I only played on pristine indoor surfaces, so wiping of dust was kept to a minimal. for the outdoors, maybe it is not recommend playing with these, because  of the outsole is made of a soft, pliable rubber. You would burn through that very quick. Stay indoors with these.

There are data for the cushioning.

Overall, JORDAN CP3.XI main stability and grip is nice , the red straps also  increase the wrapping and lockdown the feet, then the  split ZOOM AIR cushion  will be more comfortable after stepping, then the traction pattern also increasing grip, just felt the material is a little stiff.


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Jordan CP3 11 Performance Review

Chris Paul of the Houston Rockets ushered in his new signature sneakers— JORDAN CP3.XI. The biggest highlight of the new shoes is the huge straps on the shoes, which Paul himself very much likes. Syria less gossip, we take a look at the  the details Jordans CP3.XI .

The black shoes box with gold JUMPMAN LOGO,is it simply .

There are the details of the side .

The Jordan CP3.XI Home comes dressed in a clean White, University Red, and Black color scheme. Most of the upper comes dressed in White, while the use of Black and Red can be spotted on areas such as the cross-strap, branding and eyelets.  and the most  highlight cross-strap,heel and forefoot Zoom Air encased in a soft Phylon midsole.

There are the personal logo. The heel is a nice synthetic leather and adds a little touch of class in the back (it also has the killer CP3 logo). The materials do break in fairly quickly

There are the details of the croo-strap , the cross-strap, branding and eyelets.

for the material , it is used the mesh with leather patchwork , then the cross-strap , it is highlight design for the  has been not too stiff, ,and  compare  with the “Rocket Fuel