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Air Jordan XI “Space Jam 2016” Performance Review

Space Jam (the movie) is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year so the timing couldn’t have been any better to bring back this iconic and possibly the most popular colorway of the Air Jordan 11. Staying true to the original, this Air Jordan 11 features a black mesh upper with a a higher-cut patent leather mudguard.

We will check the performance review today.

For the box, the box is nice , the 23 number words  is special .


For the material :

Jordan XI uses a large patent leather with an upper nylon upper.

The patent leather isn’t quite as strong as it could have been if it were a bit thicker but all in all, the materials performed pretty much on par with the original and previous Retro versions.
After tightening the shoelace system, you can feel the middle part and the upper part of the shoe body can effectively fit the feet, but the lower part of the patent leather material is relatively hard, even if the shoelace is fastened, there are still some parts in the toe cap.


For the supporting :

The patent leather material is relatively hard, this feature makes the Jordan Xi reaction have a good performance in terms of support. Especial when I am moving fast , the feet are still stable in the shoe,  it is have been not  happen overly deformed.
The Carbon Fiber Stabilizer from Jordan XI provides good resistance to torsion and stability in actual combat.
However,I think the traction is more higher ,so I will be more lace the balance , and the prominent part of the Outrigger on the outside seems not help . Although this has no effect in actual combat, it is mentioned.




The Carbon Fiber Stabilizer from Jordan XI provides good resistance to torsion and stability in actual combat. It help a lot anyway.


For the traction : The overall traction was very solid with all things considered. Usually when you have a translucent outsole you lose traction when dust or debris is on the court but thankfully the Air Jordan XI have solid rubber traction pods located in the heel and forefoot. And the  translucent outsole can not easy to keep .also it was tight to bite the ground, whether it was side-to-Side (film ) or before and after, the field can be tight to bite the ground.
Besides, the sound of these shoes is quite raw, and personal likes this!


The blue of jumpmen is amazing.Also we can see the detail of the heel part.


For the Reaction : the lower bottom of Jordan Xi leads to a less ideal sense of sticker and reaction.
From the bottom of transparency can see Jordan Xi carrying a large blockbuster of carbon fiber stable pieces, the benefits behind the back will be mentioned, but such a large blockbuster of stability has a certain degree of influence in the field of the field, and the shoes are bending, let the shoes be a little The feeling of slow and half-Phai, not with the moves of certain times (entry).



For the cushioning :

Jordan XI uses the full length Air Sole with Phylon as the cushioning system.and it could feel a clear sense of subsidence with air sole in the field, we can felt more  a good cushioning but no feeling of shaking  when landing, but the heel is a little too soft, causing a long time to wear Jordan XI, the heel will be sore. However, with a pair of sneakers 22 years ago, the slowdown is truly amazing.

Here is the  video , we can check it as below :

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Whats the Difference of Air Jordan 11, Air Jordan 12, Air Jordan 13 ?

As we know ,Michael Jordan Jordan scored 19 points and the game had the highest Nielsen rating of any regular season NBA game since 1975. He soon returned to form, scoring 55 points against the Atlanta Hawks in his 5th game back with the team.The designer was hard at work.

He created the Nike Air Max and every Jordan shoe from the Air Jordan 3 to that point, then from the XI all the way to the Air Jordan XV. The shoe was created while Jordan was still playing baseball, and Hatfield was hoping he would return to the court and wear them, because the Air Jordan 11 was special.

But what is the difference of Air Jordan 11, Air Jordan 12, Air Jordan 13 ?

We will check it out .


It had a ballistic upper mesh to make the shoes more lightweight and durable than past Air Jordan models. The Air Jordan 11 also had a carbon fiber spring plate to increase on-court quickness and lateral speed.

Air Jordan XI’s upper patent leather material is amazing.In the actual process, the patent leather provides a very good support, which is enough to provide a stable sense of protection.The traction pattern also provides a very good grip, although it is slightly affected by the dust after being stained with dust, but there is  no obvious slippage. For a pair of shoes over 18 years old, this grip performance is amazing.

However, in terms of ankle support, Jordan XI only uses Ballistic Mesh material as the main support, and there is no additional support design, which is a pity. In addition, the thicker setting of the tongue makes the dressing process have a fairly good covering, so that there is no sliding space in the shoe. Unfortunately, this design sacrifices breathability, so that after take on the Jordan XI , there is a noticeable sultry feeling.

In addition, the carbon fiber material design used in basketball shoes for the first time to helps users a better stability than before, while at the same time balancing light weight and stability. In the reactive part.When providing rapid responsiveness, it is also able to balance buffering, which is another surprise for Jordan XI in terms of functionality.


This aspect gave the shoe a dressy look that attracted more than just basketball players and sneakerheads. The Air Jordan 11 branched out into the fashion world more broadly than previous Air Jordan models.

However Tinker Hatfield once again design the new shoes again. Tinker Hatfield put the Zoom Air technology in the Jordan XII midsole which they  have been never used , that is  technology helps users get closer to the ground and feel the feedback from the shoes than the previous. With more rapid responsiveness than Air-Sole and Air Max, Zoom Air gives users a faster reaction than their opponents.

Although the advantage of Zoom Air was affected by outsole at the time.However, the Jordan XII is equipped with Zoom Air as a milestone. In addition to causing great topicality, it also inspired the public’s imagination of the speed of basketball shoes on the court. And Michael Jordan was sick in the fifth game of the 1997 championship, got the 38 points. The Jordan XII won the indelible classic status of the Air Jordan series.


I felt a comfortable feeling from leather design , and the supporting the shoes , the Jordan XII can be said to be quite prominent. However, this design also brings a noticeable sultry feeling, the upper leather has a more obvious pressure on the upper  of the instep, which is quite a pity. In the reactive part of the sole, although the earliest use of Zoom Air basketball shoes, but the Air Jordan XII too thick which completely limit the effectiveness of Zoom Air. Therefore, for me, the responsiveness of the Air Jordan XII is only a passing edge. But in the durability part, thanks to the solid materials, the durability of the entire Air Jordan XII is  standard. Overall, the Air Jordan XII has a solid feel and a luxurious material, but the overly thick outsole limits the use of Zoom Air.

When Tinker Hatfield designed the Air Jordan XIII, he carefully observed Michael Jordan’s performance on the basketball court. He found that Michael Jordan just like the performance of the Panther on the grassland on the court.Based on this trait, Tinker Hatfield gave the Air Jordan XIII a unique smooth streamline, it is special.In addition to the dots on the upper to symbolize the pattern on the leopard, the cutting design of the sole is like a leopard.

The cutting outsole allows the user to feel a clear sense of field and provides excellent grip. The Jordan XIII is a classic pair of shoes with both styling and combat capabilities. In addition,  Danzel Washinton did not hesitate to purchase the Jordan XIII in the sporting the Jordan XIII had a  nickname “He Got Game”. This phenomenon proves that the influence of the Air Jordan series has surpassed the movement and has reached more cultural orientation.

But the performance is nice .The Air Jordan XIII presents a fashion to the previous two generations, and people have to admire Tinker Hatfield’s infinite creativity. Inspired by the Jaguar’s Jordan XIII, the soles are extremely stable on the court .

Especially when the user makes a rotating motion, the performance of the Air Jordan XIII’s outsole is obviously excellent, which gives the user a very high sense of stability during the movement. Therefore, the grip of the Jordan XIII is not only inferior to the Air Jordan XI.Excellent stability and fast response, let me list the Air Jordan XIII as a fixed team.

The support part of the shoes is nice , in addition to the hidden support at the foot of the foot, the design of the sole of the sole of the sole also allows me to fully feel the stability . Although the shoes are soft and there is no  claw design like gloves, the stability of the Jordan XIII is quite enough for me.

In terms of durability, the soles and uppers have not been significantly depleted after many actual combat game, but the upper part of the upper has a phenomenon of off-line.

Overall, the Air Jordan XIII is the Jordan replica shoe that I recently considered to be the best fit for the stadium.

The long and short of it is that the Air Jordan shoes, the air Jordan 11 is one of the most influential and popular sneakers ever released, but the Air Jordan 12  and Air Jordan13  also has a great reputation .