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Nike Air Force 1 UltraForce Mid Performance Review

For Nike Air Force 1 love, that is my dream shoes.The 1982 original Air Force 1 gets some modern performance upgrades on the Women’s Nike Air Force 1 Ultraforce Mid Casual Shoes.

How  about the feeling on feet ?

Lace up these Nike Air Force 1 Ultraforce shoes, and you’re ready to take on the day and night with this fresh remastering of the 1982 predecessor that includes reflective details that pop in low light.

For the shoes design ,it is one-piece internal bootie with breathable engineered is the picture as below :







Nike Air Force 1 UltraForce 1 Mid based on the new Nike Ultra technology, then rebuilt new classic shoes .The breathable mesh and hollow elements on both sides of the shoe provide better visual experience and breathability.





The brand new Air Force 1 UltraForce Mid, while foloowed  the bottom of the Ultra, also uses a multi material splicing scheme in the shoe design. It is not only durable, but also  soft  for the leather and mesh fabric material.



From the shoe box, we used the black box ,seems better then the normal shoes box

The side of the shoe box is also specially made of steel: EST1982

Opening the shoebox and writing the paper full of stars reminds me directly of the 25th anniversary ‘s paper.


For the material: Opening the shoebox and writing the paper full of stars reminds me directly of the 25th anniversary time shoe paper.Then the 35th anniversary  also followed last one .

Star-shaped traction pattern gives a nod to the original AF1.

There is no classic shoelace button on the shoelace, there is only one vertical 3M reflector, and the tongue shaped part of the round AF1 logo. It is very eye-catching.

The sole system is different.

If you wear the the Force 1, mabe you will feel a little heavy. In fact, it is not suitable for everyday  in causal time . It seems that the designer is to make it adapt to the needs of modern people on the premise of retaining its classic appearance, wearing no pressure anytime and anywhere.

For the shoes insole , There are two different color, the blue color density is obviously different: the red part is smaller in density and softer than the blue part.

For the traction : In order to reduce weight and provide better earthquake mitigation, a lot of hollows were made in the bottom part. (the designer is really talented!) No wonder the weight of the whole pair of shoes is so light! Intermediate material is not a common foam material, it should be used lightweight  material .


Outsole is cored out for an incredibly lightweight, we can feel  flexible .Mid-cut collar gives a snug, supportive feel

Reflective details throughout enhance visibility and we can feel it good .

For the convenience of wearing, the heel also has a strap with 3M reflector, and aesthetic upgrading.

Overall, although the latest Low Top model of the Air Force offers slight changes, this  one  also continues to be the shoe that has won the hearts and adulation of millions of people through the years. Nike Air Force 1 UltraForce Mid also amazing for the design , it is fashion and the material is updating .More importantly, Nike has made the shoe readily available to its throngs of fans, so the standard retail price is very reasonable.